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Microline Offers Excellent IT Services for your

Microline India is among the top IT providing services companies in India. With 25 years of successful operations as an Information Technology.

Microline India IT Consulting Services

Microline India is among the top IT providing services companies in India. With 25 years of successful operations as an IT Solution Provider, Microline has the Ability to quote competitively and implement flawlessly. Highly qualified and experienced people have designed and continue to develop a Systematic & Planned approach at Microline which makes it one of the most efficient IT consulting companies.

Microline offers an extensive range of IT services and solutions that can very appropriately be suitable for any type of company. For all your software concerns, Microline’s IT services have solutions for all.

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Software Division

BytesBank a software division of Microline and one of the fastest growing Company that has been offering tailor made web & App designing, software solutions and complete infrastructure set up across the globe.

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Cloud Offerings

We are more than just sharing and storage.Take a look at the top features to make your life simple and easy.

  • Anonymous file exchange.
  • Playing files online.
  • No size limits.
  • Setting password for file transfer.

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IT Infrastructure & Computing

Microline provides design and consulting services to enhance technological efficiency and optimize the allocation of resources and has a developed phased strategy for Network Systems growth along with the organization computing needs.

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Rated India's Best Intelligent Interactive Panel for Education


Interactive Touch Panel with Inbuilt CPU

Interactive Commercial-grade, glare Pree, scratch-resistant LED panels with brilliantly detailed 4K Ultra HD IPS display. IP eliminating the need for any additional projector, display. Audio System & Computer.


Work Area

Dual OS (Windows & Android) with the easy switch option to simultaneously work with applications like Microsoft Office on Windows & download applications Prom Play Store.

Senses Intelligent Panel
Microline India Private Limited

Why Microline ?

“25 years of successful operations as an IT Solution Provider.”

Best Support
Competitive Pricing
Timely Delivery
MIPL Quality Policy
Quality Policy

We provide service to customers with an emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy.

MIPL Alliance & Partnership

Alliances & Partners

Excellent connections with OEM’s for procuring equipment.

Advantage Microline

Advantage Microline

Pan India office network to handle distributed implementation projects.

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Software Support

Microline is the perfect partner for Software implementation.

Infrastructure Consulting.

Microline believes that information technology is an enabler to achieve your business objectives and plan further expansions wherein decisions have to be taken & executed at lightning speed in today’s digitized world. A dependable, efficient, and secure Network and IT Infrastructure forms the backbone for fulfilling these requirements.

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Infrastructure Consulting.

IT Audit And Risk Management.

To enhance overall network performance a network health audit is used, as part of routine maintenance, to verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment or services.

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IT Hardware

IT Hardware

Microline’s Switching design, placement of servers & networking devices, a mix of network protocols, as well as the implementation of end-to-end intelligent networking services.

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IT Hardware
IT Facility Management

Facility Management

In today’s competitive world with the expectations of customers and markets rising, it is important to have 24 x 7 x 365 uptime.

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System Integration

Microline with its in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of hardware and software that systems require is consistently able to ensure that your systems integration is done rapidly as per the specified requirement.

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IT Software

Software Services

Microline is the perfect partner for Software implementation.

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IT Software Services