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Intelligent Infrastructure Management / Automated Infrastructure Management

IIM/AIM is a solution for managing network infrastructure that bridges the gap between the physical network layer and logical layers 1 & 2. IIM/AIM enables companies and organizations to monitor and control all network components and provides a full view of each device, including status, physical location, and connectivity to other network components. Using this data, IIM/AIM enables to identify critical points of failure in the network more quickly and at a much earlier stage; points of failure that without IIM/AIM are often only discovered when they cause downtime. IIM/AIM automates work processes such as MACs (moves, adds, and changes) and work orders, thus eliminating human error and reducing maintenance costs. IIM/AIM also conducts precise provisioning of equipment, optimizing asset management and lifecycle management, and ensuring full utilization of all IT assets – down to the last switch port.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Microline recommends using IIM/AIM for the high-density networks, where managing the MACs (moves, adds, and changes) and documenting the same is a labor-intensive activity. Our certified professionals will study the requirement and design and implement the most appropriate IIM/AIM solution suited to your requirement.

IT Switching


Microline’s Switching design, placement of servers & networking devices, a mix of network protocols, as well as the implementation of end-to-end intelligent networking services are provided so that uninterrupted connectivity within the various stations in a communications system is possible. We provide Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 switching, Single, Two, and Three Tier Switching Architecture solutions also.

IT Routing


Microline Designs The Routing Algorithm Keeping In Mind That The Routing Output Should Have The Following Merits

  1. Optimality
  2. Simplicity
  3. Low overhead
  1. Architectural Scalability.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Flexibility.

We are also in a position to deliver to the client customized routing algorithm types which are best suited for its functions be it static routing, dynamic routing, single path, multi path, flat structure, hierarchical, host–intelligent, router–intelligent, intradomain, inter-domain, link-state, distance vector routing algorithm.

IT Wireless


Microline recommends Wireless networking if communication needs to be enabled between devices in a limited area which ensures mobility and uninterrupted internal connectivity simultaneously within a broad coverage area.

Wireless networking has become a much sought after enabling solution amongst our clientele due to hassle-free installations and location freedom with the gaining popularity of laptops. We cater to all the wireless networking requirements of our esteemed clients across India.

Our specialists in Wireless LAN can help you migrate to or deploy a Unified Wireless Network Solution. We also specialize in integrating a variety of secure wireless network solutions, technologies, strategies, and building a secure, scalable outdoor and indoor wireless network.