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Our People

Microline encourages employees to continuously learn new skills and technologies through professional development opportunities, training courses, and participation in industry events. We support an open environment where abilities can be developed and utilized to the fullest as we believe our people are not only our assets, they are our asset makers.

Team MIcroline



At Microline, we believe in doing the right thing, as much as we believe in doing things right. We believe in consistently doing the right thing with conviction and compassion.


Microline encourages its team members to act and think like leaders which will help enable them to take initiatives. Failed efforts are not considered a black mark in our organization, but refusing to learn from one’s mistake is not encouraged.



Team Work

Microline believes that good teamwork paves the way to success. Our teamwork is based on Open communication, unselfish contribution and active collaboration. We bring to bear our different outlooks and talents to solve problems and overcome difficulties.


Microline believes in taking responsibility for its actions and the results thereof. Team performance is measured keeping in mind their commitments and achievements- be it success or failure. We encourage our team to learn from failures, if any and continue to work towards success with a sense of commitment and accountability.


Pride And Pleasure

Pride & Pleasure

Microline continues to grow and adapt to new challenges each year. We recognize that our success is not only built upon the quality and performance of the products and services rendered, but also on the hard work and talent of our employees. Therefore, we believe that our people must both take pride in what they do and derive pleasure and fun in the process of work. Work for us is not a grim task to do, but an indulgence we imbibe to become achievers. We also maintain a balance of work and family that we believe is integral to a long and successful career with Microline.